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3D Woodblock Project - Turning trash into Treasure!

Updated: Feb 3, 2021


June 2020

Little Faith Project came out with an idea of Turning Trash to Treasure with the concept of making toys using unwanted woods.

During MCO lockdown periods, there were many parents struggled in educating and interact with their kids. The inspiration of this product is to help young families to build bonding and have more engaging activities. Besides, it is also designed to help develop children creativity in story telling and improve solving puzzle skills. It is a great interacting tools for young parents and teachers.

Over nine (9) teens are gathered to take part in this DIY project. Each of them are required to curate their own storyboard, craft and paint the woodblocks. The volunteers are mostly students (17 - 25 years old) whom are anticipating the challenges of pandemic. It is our privilege to connect with the young volunteers and support in any way we can as they pursue their creative calling. Check out what people say about the handmade craft here.

"Found a sense of purpose in doing art. That's joy!"

This project aims to help the youth to find a sense of purpose during the art and craft process. It stimulates the way they think and help to inject good values in create art that benefits the society. The profit of the purchased of the wooden blocks are used to support this young artist and purchase art supplies.

Each boxes contains:

- 9 cubical woodblocks (1.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 inch)

- 6 images (painted with acrylic)

- 1 instruction / guideline (A4 layout)

How to use this product?

- Educational Toy

- Solving puzzles

- Story Telling

For more information, visit our mini shop here.

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