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Feedbacks for 3D Woodblock

Community Art Exhibition #MASKED

July 2020

Hey friends! It has been a fruitful year despite the lockdown in 2020. On 24th July, we felt honored to have the opportunity to take part in a A Community Art Exhibition #MASKED: Making Peace with our Limitations. We brought our product to do a pilot test in the art exhibition. It was a humbling and amazing experience! Sharing some throwback while I am decluttering my photo albums.

In this technology era, it is undeniable that younger generation nowadays are exposed to social media, game apps etc for entertainment. The pandemic outbreak has also accelerated the reliance of mobile gadgets to replace physical interactions. In relation, parenting is becoming more challenging due to the lack of emotional bonding.

Overcoming Parenting Challenging in Tech Era

Little Faith Project has created this product to encourage young families to overcome the challenges. Parents nowadays should make an effort to plan fun tech-free family activities to connect and strengthen the bond and show their children that life can also be experienced without a screen. This helps to foster healthy relationship and interaction between family members.

"It is an Interactive Educational Toy! I love how my children stay focus in solving puzzles!"

So, here's how it works! Me and friend gathered the kids during the event and challenge them to solve the woodblock puzzle. If they manage to complete the six image they are entitled to get stickers as reward. Parents are allowed to guide alongside but could not interfere. Some teens and adults even took part in solving the puzzles and they find joy doing so!

It is definitely a rejoicing moment to see parents and kids are coming together to do activity for such a time like this. Though the visitors were wearing mask, but the smile on their eyes are so satisfying! Little do we know, handmade crafts are becoming more and more precious nowadays! And they were created for such a great purpose.

Thanks for all our kawan-kawan who dropped by and gave sincere feedback!


Here's the fun fact we observed during our mini pilot test. Everyone has its own creativity and imagination. Different one solved their puzzles in different ways! The challenge did not stop after they solved puzzles, they were required to tell stories using the puzzle sequence too! The kids could partner with the parents in telling story while they are composing the scenes. The outcome was so fulfilling and beyond our expectations.

I truly believe there is a power of word of affirmation! And I wish to impart some moral value behind this handmade crafts. Little encouragement like :"Good job! You solve the puzzles!" brings a huge impact in a children's world. Younger generation should be shaped by good values instead of good titles and positions. Little fun like this helps them to stimulate their creativity and unleash their potential. This excites them to learn and communicate too!

Lastly, my little prayer is that our handmade crafts will bring benefits to the society. And hopefully more young parents will come to see the importance of investing time bonding with their children. Getting them watch YouTube video is sometimes just a solution out of convenience. It is worth investing time in strengthening bonding with younger generation through meaningful activities!

Each purchase's profit is used to support the young artist who curated the woodblock. You can even DO YOUR OWN woodblock to inspire your friends and family too! Check out our mini shop here.

Thanks for reading! If you find this helpful and benefits your friend please share to them!



Founder of Little Faith Project

Special thanks to the Young Artist who volunteered behind the scene! Check out more about 3D Woodblock here.

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