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Help the sheltered dogs!

26 April 2021

According to SPCA Kota Kinabalu, there are many unwanted dogs and cats in the town and they do not have the space nor the resources to take in all them. With the recent MCO restrictions, it appears to have more stray animals. Stray animals in the street today are the result of irresponsible pet owners who did not neuter their pets and allow uncontrolled breeding to take place. In an effort to reduce the population of stray animals in Kota Kinabalu, SPCA KK and DBKK have implemented the TNR (Trap-Neuter-Release) project since April 2013.

We come to know Sylvia Jeanes, the founder of Rainbow of Hope and learn that she offered her own premise to be the shelter and home for stray dogs. Her kindness and compassion really inspires us. Pastor Sylvia or know as Ibu Suria is one of the many unsung heroes in KK, who has the kindest and biggest heart. Nearly 80 years old, she cares for more than 45 dogs in her home and backyard, and most of these dogs were rescue dogs. She also opens her own home fostering other dogs from SPCA KK. She has been running for sometimes on insufficient funds and has had to fall back on savings. After her story published on Sin Chew Daily News about a month ago, many generous people visited her and donated bags of rice and cash.

However, we know that this eventually will lead her back to rely on her savings once all the money spent. Little Faith Project decided to take part in a purposeful mission to support Pastor Sylvia. Our vision is to provide ongoing support and create a sustainable solution for her. We wish to collaborate with local young artist to play a part in create awareness about stray animals. A portion of the profit from the artworks and crafts we sell will donate to Pastor Sylvia.

We hope this project will make impact to the society and help Pastor Sylvia to manage the shelter. If you have passion and wish to take part in this project, please reach out to us!


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